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Air, Sea & Sun - Future Resources

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

The Air and the Sea Contain Essential Materials

Sea water contains 46 minerals and air has seven natural elements as its major constituents. These minerals and elements, obtained today from other sources such as mining, are used in many applications.

In addition to the potential for most fresh water from sea water, the minerals and elements include among others: salt, potassium chloride, sulfate, Magnesium, hydrocarbons such as methane and others. Salt has thousands of applications. Other components currently are used to produce fertilizers, industrial chemicals, metal alloys, fuels, plastics, lubricants, sealants and batteries.

Technology Powered by the Sun will Extract These Materials to Use for Fabrication

Today, electrolysis, biological processing, filtering with adsorbent materials are used to extract constituents from water and air. The diagram below illustrates that solar energy – as it becomes economical in the next few years - will be used widely to power extraction and fabrication of devices, food, and other materials. In addition, excess radio frequency energy will be harvested directly from air and converted to electricity for powering electronic devices.

So far, these processes have been found to have no significant impact on the Earth’s ecosystem.

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