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Free Space Technologies are Freeing Us

It began with wireless communications. 2-way radio, cellular, WiFi and other forms untethered us from wires for telecommunications. We can be anywhere in space that sufficient radio energy for a link is able to reach us.

Batteries and other portable power sources provide freedom to operate electrical devices in unconstrained space. Aircraft provide a certain amount of freedom to be transported in three dimensional space.

This 3D free space trend will continue with several emerging technology based platforms.

Small vertical takeoff and landing vehicles VTOLs (aka “flying cars”) sometimes are derided as the technology fantasy that never arrives. The difference this time is that precision guidance and collision avoidance systems, compact quiet powerful electric motors and strong lightweight composite materials are available and will permit VTOLs to operate in essentially unconstrained airspace.

Small VTOLs use of 3-dimensional space along with higher speeds will enhance radically transportation. The main barriers now are societal. In addition to convenience, however, the potential for dramatic reduction of the more than one million annual global traffic deaths will help overcome this inertia.

Energy packet networks will store and forward quantized energy units to and from devices via wireless transmission. The storage of energy (e.g., in batteries in discrete units) is replenished by a flow from external sources including ambient energy harvesting.

Immersive augmented and virtual reality 3D user interfaces with information systems will provide a more useful and enjoyable experience than the existing 2D flat screen displays.

This all leads to an environment in which information, energy and matter (physical items) are transported as standardized units (packets) in full three dimension unconstrained free space.


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