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Emerging technology-based capabilities include:


Autonomous Networked Devices and Systems 

  • Self-driving ground and vertical take-off & landing vehicles

  • Robots for commercial and residential use

  • Exoskeletons and other intelligent augmentation tools 

  • Personal portable health monitoring & treatment


Additive Custom Manufacturing 

  • Rapid flexible custom production & construction

  • Remote on-site fabrication of items

  • Artificial organ growth for humans and animals


Real-time Precision Optimum Information, Control, and Services 

  • Anticipatory and predictive

  • Customized individual biological and mechanical diagnoses and treatments 

  • Precise fast on-line search results

  • Swarm intelligence for fast optimum resolution of issues


Immersive Hands-off, Heads-up Virtual User Interface 

  • Augmented real-time information assistance for professionals and others

  • Non-intrusive video display, audio, voice and free-space hand control

  • Full sensory collaborative virtual teleportation


Hybrid Flexible Power

  • Integrated battery/solar/fossil fuel motors

  • Wireless mobile electrical charging

  • Open grid – users also provide excess generated energy to the grid

  • 4th generation nuclear – smaller, safer and cleaner


Dynamic Communications Networks  

  • Software configured

  • Virtualized functions

  • Peer-to-peer multi-hop mesh

  • Ultra-wideband wireless access


Standardized Packetization of Things (information, energy, physical items)

  • Open global logistics including nesting containers and real-time tracking

  • Distributed ledger for fast secure standardized transactions. 

  • Quantized energy units for selling and trading

  • Containerized software that’s plug and play and self-configuring

  • Next generation information packetization

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